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Who Are The Information Technology Professionals That Provide IT Support?

Since technology is advancing at an accelerated speed and changing the digital ecosystem in the business realm, it is both an exciting and challenging time for global industries. Businesses’ technology needs are growing, but so is their capability of supporting those needs. But the truth is that we have become so dependent on technology that […]

How to Protect Yourself from an Employee-Induced Security Breach

Threats to your security can arise where you least suspect them: in your own backyard. A simple act by a trusted employee can quickly lead to a full-blown security breach. As IT professionals, we have seen firsthand how costly and disruptive these attacks can be on organizations. If you’re not concerned about an employee-induced security […]

Capital Techies’ Top Tips for Working From Home

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people work. Since the initial outbreak, millions have made the transition to working remotely from their homes. Being away from the office presents a number of unique challenges that can be difficult to navigate. If you’ve found yourself feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed working […]